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December 21 2020

Students at the forefront : interview with Guillaume Vadot!

This week, Guillaume Vadot, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Norbert Elias Centre (EHESS, France) is answering our questions....

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December 17 2020

Funding available for Knowledge Transfer Activities

For the upcoming years, the MinErAL Network wants to encourage knowledge mobilization and transfer activities directed towards indigenous and non-indigenous communities, nations and organizations.

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December 14 2020

Students at the forefront : interview with Rémy Rouillard!

This week, Rémy Rouillard, Postdoctoral Research Fellow is answering our questions....

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December 07 2020

Students at the forefront : Interview with Pierre Nachet!

This week, Pierre Nachet, PhD Candidate at Université Laval is answering our questions....

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Featured Projects


Interactions between International Trade and Investments Law and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in mining projects

Trade and investment agreements are key elements of mining projects. In particular, decision to invest in a mining project depends on the existing legal protection provided by bilateral or...

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Realising Indigenous Rights: Effective Implementation of Agreements

Negotiated agreements now constitute a critical component of almost all encounters between Indigenous peoples and the extractive industry in Australia and Canada, and are rapidly becoming more...

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Indigenous employment in nickel mining: A global perspective on Indigenous job access and labour practices in Canada and New Caledonia

Recent research in the MinErAl network has investigated the implications of mining development for Indigenous livelihoods by examining the relationship between Indigenous employment and industrial...

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