First paper of the MinErAL Network now available!

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June 07 2018

Six members of our network published a paper entitled "Indigenous peoples’ relationships to large-scale mining in post/colonial contexts: Toward multidisciplinary comparative perspectives". The authors (Leah S. Horowitz, Arn Keeling, Francis Lévesque, Thierry Rodon, Stephan Schott and Sophie Thériault) discuss differences in legal regimes governing Indigenous peoples’ rights and implications of those rights for negotiations over mining projects. They also examine mining activities’ various impacts − environmental, economic, social − and how they specifically affect Indigenous communities. Finally, they explore ways that Indigenous communities living in a post/colonial context have addressed large-scale mining projects’ impacts by engaging with them, through both negotiation and resistance. They conclude by summarizing their findings on the relationships of Indigenous peoples to large-scale mining projects in the focus countries, identifying what gaps remain in the literature, and providing thoughts as to how future research could address those gaps. Click here to read the paper.