MinErAL – REXSAC Virtual Seminar

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April 30 2021

A huge thank you to all the presenters, session chairs and participants of the joint MinErAL-REXSAC seminar.


MinErAL – REXSAC Virtual Seminar

During the last few days, the Chair and MinErAL project team had the opportunity to organize a joint virtual seminar with its REXSAC partners. In these pandemic times, there are fewer opportunities to gather, socialize and exchange on issues that concern us, especially on an international scale. Thus, we are pleased to have been able to gather 50 participants, from different countries and different scientific backgrounds, to this event. We also had almost 175 views on our Facebook live stream.

We were fortunate to hear rich presentations, by master’s and PhD students from both networks, approaching the extractive industries from a variety of perspectives. Moreover, we had the chance to count on the presence of Lisa Quiluqqi Koperqualuk (Vice President ICC Canada and member of the Kativik Environmental Quality Commission), Gavin Hilson (professor and Chair of Sustainability in Business and editor of The Extractive Industries and Society) and Sverker Sörlin (professor of Environmental History at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)), as keynote speakers.


So, to all the presenters, keynote speakers, chairs and participants of this MinErAL-REXSAC joint seminar, we would like to thank you for your participation.