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Mathilde Baritaud is a Master 1 student in social and cultural anthropology at the University of Bordeaux, and she is doing an internship in New Caledonia, in Pouembout, under the supervision of Christine Demmer and Séverine Bouard. Her internship is part of the research project entitled "At the heart of nickel mining corporations in New Caledonia: the labor question". This research program is funded by the MINERAL network and is carried out in partnership with the IAC, IRD and CNRS.


The increasing feminisation of jobs in some mining companies, such as KNS (Koniambo Nickel SAS), a large mine in New Caledonia, invites us to ask ourselves the question of the evolution of work in the New Caledonian mining industry. More specifically, we are interested in the dynamics of female employment in the mining sector and in particular in the Kanak world. To do this, it is necessary to question the personal and professional trajectories of mine employees, and to observe possible reconfigurations of intra-family relations and, more generally, of local social relations. The issues at stake in this research concern the question of women's work as a lever for emancipation and transformation of kinship ties or even accompanying a more profound transformation of Kanak society.

To address these issues, the analysis includes the dynamics of money flows within the family unit and projections for children. As a result, we wonder about the use of the money earned, whether these women have control over their spending, if so, for what purposes, and whether their spending is different from that of the male sphere. Beyond the economic benefits, we are interested in their motivations to work. This study also aims to document their time in paid employment, domestic work and food production in the family unit. Finally, we wonder whether women's work in this sector leads to resistance and if so, of what kind.