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June 10 2017

First annual meeting for the MinErAL network in Umea

The Network held its first annual meeting in parallel to the ICASS annual congress that took place in Umea from June 8th to 12th. The network also held a session on the teams projects.

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May 06 2017

Launch of the database "Northern Voices in Environmental Impact Assessment" 

Created by Christopher Fletcher, professor at Université Laval, this database identifies the different concerns voiced by citizens during the public...

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May 01 2017

Publication of a report on the Environmental Assessment Processes and the Implementation of FPIC

This report, written by Thierry Rodon and Martin Papillon, addresses the potential role of the federal environmental assessment process in implementing the principle of Free, Prior and Informed...

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March 08 2017

Publication of a thesis on the institutional barriers to housing policies in Northern Quebec and Alaska

Maxime Thibault's master thesis is now available in the online thesis and dissertations' Collection of Université Laval. Her thesis focus on the institutional barriers in housing policies in Nunavik (Quebec) and North Slope (Alaska), and seeks to understand how they contribute to the housing...

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Featured Projects

2017 to 2019

Shattering the myth of the good mining job: job desirability for Inuit workers

Proponents of resource development often cite wage employment as a key benefit that Indigenous communities will receive from participating in resource development based on the assumption that...

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