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June 10 2019

3rd MinErAL Meeting

The MinErAL network's annual general meeting will be held in Cairns, Australia from June 12 to 13, 2019. More details will be provided during the coming months! Stay connected and we look forward to seeing you there!

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May 27 2019

Doctoral seminar in Schefferville and Fermont

Members of the MinErAL network are invited to participate in a doctoral seminar to be held in Schefferville and Fermont during the week of May 27, 2019. The event is organized in partnership with REXSAC, details of the...

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November 29 2018

GRITE - International Workshop on Extractive Industries, Governance and Indigenous Rights

November 29 -30 at the University of Ottawa, the GRITE organizes an international workshop on extractive industries, governance and indigenous rights. You will have the opportunity to hear Thierry Rodon speak on socio-environmental conflicts related to mining as well as one of our students at...

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November 09 2018

Sharon Harwood Receives the Award for Queensland Planner of the Year

One of our Australian members, Sharon Harwood, has just received an important award from the Planning Institute Australia. She was recognized Queensland Planner of the Year.

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Featured Projects

2017 to 2019

Shattering the myth of the good mining job: job desirability for Inuit workers

Proponents of resource development often cite wage employment as a key benefit that Indigenous communities will receive from participating in resource development based on the assumption that...

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2017 to 2019

At the heart of nickel mining corporations in New Caledonia: the labor question

Studies on nickel mining in New Caledonia have mostly focused on how mining activities have been translated into a political issue, Kanak mobilizations to regain control over mining sites and...

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