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Beyond Hot Air. Conversations around critical raw materials supply for the ‘green’ transition

Beyond Hot Air is a conversation. It is an international, multi-stakeholder initiative that explores the complex landscape of mineral raw materials supply for the ‘...

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Interactions between International Trade and Investments Law and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in...

Trade and investment agreements are key elements of mining projects. In particular, decision to invest in a mining project depends on the existing legal protection provided by bilateral or...

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Realising Indigenous Rights: Effective Implementation of Agreements

Negotiated agreements now constitute a critical component of almost all encounters between Indigenous peoples and the extractive industry in Australia and Canada, and are rapidly becoming more...

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Indigenous employment in nickel mining: A global perspective on Indigenous job access and labour...

Recent research in the MinErAl network has investigated the implications of mining development for Indigenous livelihoods by examining the relationship between Indigenous employment and industrial...

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2019 to 2022

Mining Activities, Health and Well-Being in Indigenous Communities

In addition to direct effects, mining activities have the potential to indirectly influence the health and well-being of Indigenous communities by modifying the social-ecological determinants of...

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